Insider Threat Subcommittee

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The Insider Threat Subcommittee works to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and security of both government agencies and the private sector, as well as to foster more effective and secure partnerships.  Priorities include:

  • Research and analyze challenges related to insider threats, including malicious insiders’ motivations, tactics, and collaborators and the impacts of malicious insiders’ actions;
  • Raise awareness of various types of insider threats, including the theft, loss, or leak of classified, sensitive, or proprietary information; the deliberate infliction of damage to an organization’s facilities, operations, or networks; or violence or harassment perpetrated by a trusted insider against other employees of the organization, whether at the workplace, at another location, or online;
  • Identify and assess new methods for combating malicious insiders; and 
  • Capture best practices for establishing and executing insider threat programs