New Paper Addresses InTP Effectiveness Metrics

September 27, 2022

(Arlington, VA) Sept. 27, 2022—In a new white paper, Measuring the Effectiveness of Insider Threat Programs, INSA recommends that both businesses and government agencies re-examine the metrics of their insider threat programs in order to ensure their programs’ effectiveness and resiliency.

Developed by INSA's Insider Threat Subcommittee, the paper finds that while no standard set of metrics exists to measure program effectiveness, insider threat program metrics should fulfil the operational-based and programmatic-based requirements of the organization. Thus, metrics should consider an organization’s unique mission, priorities, and resources.

"Often, organizations fall into the trap of counting and measuring insider threat activities that don’t support decision-making and lead to the perception of insider threat programs as cost centers offering no return on investment,” says Larry Hanauer, INSA Vice President for Policy. “Establishing effective short and long-term metrics can deliver positive, data-backed reasons for leadership to support and invest in the program."

The paper, published to coincide with National Insider Threat Awareness Month, recommends that organizations adopt insider threat metrics that:

  • Are relevant to a program’s stage of development;
  • Align to current program objectives;
  • Guide decision-making;
  • Help identify unintended consequences of program initiatives; and
  • Contribute to sustaining the support of senior leadership for program activities.

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