New Paper Examines Potential Implications of Insider Threat Program Names

September 29, 2022

In a September 2022 Intelligence Insights paper, “Insider Threat Program Naming Convention,” INSA argues that how an organization names its program influences personnel buy-in and program effectiveness.

Developed by INSA’s Insider Threat Subcommittee, the paper analyzes the benefits and drawbacks of several insider threat program naming conventions, concluding that choice of terminology should reflect an organization’s culture and strengthen employees’ sentiment of mutual regard and responsibility. Because employees are the best internal “sensors” to provide early warning of insider threat, program terminology should align with a culture of employee support.

The paper, published to coincide with National Insider Threat Awareness Month, recommends that organizations consider the strategic implications of naming conventions, including:

  • “Insider Threat Program,”
  • “Insider Risk Management Program,”
  • “Insider Trust/Trusted Workforce,”
  • “Counter-Insider Threat Program,” and
  • “C.A.R.E. Program.”

Download a copy of the report

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