Coffee and Conversation with Rear Adm. Michael Studeman, USN

January 11, 2023 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM Virtual

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On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, Rear Admiral Michael Studeman, USN, Commander of the Office of Naval Intelligence,  and Director of National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office joined INSA President Suzanne Wilson Heckenberg for a virtual conversation on the geopolitical threat landscape.


Adm. Studeman began the discussion by reviewing the challenges the United States faces from our adversaries, namely Russia, Iran, and China, and how each of their capabilities effect maritime security. As the landscape is ever changing, Admiral Studeman provided a clear strategic outlook for the nation and the threats these state actors pose.

He went on to discuss the importance of Sweden and Finland entering ascension protocols to join NATO, and the effect that will have on maritime security in the Atlantic. Furthermore, Studeman stressed the importance of lessons learned from Ukraine, and how those can be applicable to Taiwan and the South China Sea.

As much of his career has focused on China, he highlighted the need to increase the nation’s knowledge of China’s capability at sea and how their growing influence, not just regionally but globally, presents a threat to Taiwanese sovereignty and other nations.

The conversation continued to edify the importance of strategic OSINT and how AI/ML advancements are supporting the warfighter with intelligence collection and analysis. He also indicated the importance of GEOINT in ONI’s development of space assets which has helped save time in a previously industrial dominated effort.

Lastly, Adm. Studeman stressed the importance of workforce recruitment, acquisition and retention, and the various efforts the Navy has engaged in to promote the next generation of leaders in the military and greater Intelligence Community.


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