Celia Durall

Executive Director


Celia Durall started as the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Executive Director on October 24, 2022. She previously served as the Chief, Senior Executive Management Office. In that role, Ms. Durall led the delivery of strategic level executive management support to all executives at ODNI.

In 2021, Ms. Durall was selected as Acting Chief of the IC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office. After standing up this new office, she served as the principal advisor to the Director and Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence on diversity, equity and inclusion. She synchronized and advanced diversity, equity and inclusion activities, policies and programs across the IC, bringing transparency to these initiatives. Previously, Ms. Durall was appointed as Deputy Assistant Director of National Intelligence for IC Human Capital, where she led the design, development and execution of human resources strategies, plans and policies in support of the men and women who serve in our nation’s intelligence agencies. She was also the first Chief, Intelligence Workforce Development Section at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

At FBI and in other leadership roles at DIA and ODNI, Ms. Durall has been known as a groundbreaking leader and innovator who enables institutional change and promotes community building to enhance organizational adaptability in a complex and rapidly changing national security environment.

Ms. Durall started her intelligence career as a linguist and then transitioned into the analytic career field at DIA. She earned a Master of Arts in International Trade from George Mason University, a Paralegal Certificate in International Trade Law from the American University in Paris and a Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Civilization with a concentration in Business from the University of Maryland. After 15 years in federal service, she spent several years at a behavioral social science firm working with tools to capture and catalyze organizational effectiveness and individual development. She is an ICF certified leadership coach committed to developing great leaders. Ms. Durall has over 30 years of broad experience in intelligence, organizational development and human capital. She and her husband, Brian, raised two children in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Celia Durall