Cyber Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee

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The Cyber Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee will examine cyber threats to the nation’s critical infrastructure and efforts by government and industry to secure essential networks. 

With an initial focus on finance, telecommunications, energy/electric and the defense industrial base (DIB), the Subcommittee will aim to:

  • Assess current and future cyber threats to privately owned critical infrastructure and their implications for national security;
  • Promote strategies to mitigate cyber threats to select critical infrastructure operations;
  • Identify areas for greater public-private collaboration through Sector Coordinating Councils (SCCs), Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs), and other fora;
  • Identify and address obstacles to greater public-private collaboration; and
  • Serve as a forum for government and industry experts to share perspectives, develop new insights, better account for risk, build resiliency, and promote best practices.