Coffee & Conversation with Gil Herrera

March 19, 2024 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM Virtual

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On Tuesday, March 19, INSA hosted a virtual Coffee and Conversation with Gil Herrera, Director of Research, NSA and INSA VP for Policy Bishop Garrison. The program kicked off with Mr. Herrera providing a brief overview of quantum computing, shedding light on its intricacies and potential.  

Recording courtesy of our host sponsor, Microsoft!

He shared that NSA has been involved in quantum computing for decades, with contributions ranging from research to the development of quantum-resistant cryptography. Recognizing the potential implications for national security, Mr. Herrera discussed how NSA has been proactive in funding academic and industrial research in quantum computing. He went on to note how NSA has spearheaded efforts to develop quantum-resistant encryption algorithms and facilitate the transition to post-quantum cryptographic standards. Mr. Hererra shared that NSA Post-Quantum Cybersecurity Resources can be found here: 

Mr. Herrara stressed that collaborative efforts between government, industry, and academia are crucial for advancing quantum research, and addressing challenges in scalability, memory, and error correction. Through fostering public-private partnerships, investing in STEM education, and nurturing a diverse and skilled quantum workforce, stakeholders can collectively drive quantum research forward and mitigate potential security risks posed by quantum computing advancements. In closing he shared a link for the National Quantum Information Science Research Center,, which will have details on how to respond to NSA's broad agency announcement on quantum computing.


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