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The diversity of the people who make up the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) is inspiring and the career paths within it are endless. See below to learn more about the dedicated, mission driven professionals that make up the IC, and the array of career opportunities available across the public, private and academic sectors.


Taylor Felt
INSA Policy Intern

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Brittany Van Soest
Spotlight Production Manager,
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Stephanie Jaros
Director of Research,
DoD Counter-Insider Threat Program
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Mel Kepler
Practice Lead, Talent Development & Engagement, LMI
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Josh Sisskind
Senior Manager,
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Melissa Sutherland
Senior Vice President,
Booz Allen Hamilton
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Ingrid Peterson
Director, National Security Segment,
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Patty Mims
Director, Global National Government,
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Dedra Bonner
Program Manager,
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
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Kathleen Pumphrey
Program Director of National Intelligence,
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Jennavie Angelone
Supervisory Analyst,
Exiger Federal Solutions
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Katea Murray
Cyber Engineer/Cyber Tech Fellow,
Leidos Intelligence Group
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James Chappelear
Program Manager,
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Megan Moloney, JD, CISSP
National Security Segment Managing Consultant
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Gabe Alix
Vice President of Intelligence,
Applied Insight
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Joseph Boutte
Business Collaboration Executive,
Dun & Bradstreet
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Jenny Smith
Raytheon Intelligence & Space
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Shaina Turner
Capture Manager, National Programs, World Wide Technology
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Scott Bouldin
Technical Lead/Program Manager, Avantus

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Veronica Kazaitis
Senior Vice President, Cyber & Intelligence,
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Yolanda Craig
VP, Cybersecurity, EverWatch Solutions; PhD Candidate, Capella University

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Laura Ramu
Advanced Manufacturing Lead,

Read Laura's Story!

Lisa Egeland
Project Manager,

Read Lisa's Story!

Regan Prince
VP Operations/Program Manager, Amentum

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Paul Rogers
Program Manager, Empty Pockets Program, Amentum

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Brad Millick
Director of Counter Insider Threat
Department of Defense

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Joe Chioda
VP Account Management,
ManTech International Corp

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Doug McGovern
Associate Partner, Intelligence Application Development & Innovation, IBM

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Julie Ard
Principal Insider Threat Researcher,

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Kyle Rice
Chief Technology Officer,
SAP National Security Services

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Teresa Shea
Vice President,
Cyber Offense & Defense Experts,
Raytheon Intelligence & Space
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Susan Oakley
Senior Director,
Business Development for Regulated Industries, Microsoft
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Laine Klein
Senior Vice President,
Global Mission Solutions,
Read Laine's Story!

Michael Tillman
Department Manager, Information Warfare & Cyber Survivability Business Unit,
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
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Allison Andersko
Space Mission Solutions,
Lockheed Martin

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Andrew Borene, JD CISSP
Cybersecurity Consultant;
Fellow at Georgetown Center for Security Studies; Senior Fellow at George Mason NSI

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Lina Abisoghomyan
Senior Business Analyst
Strategy & Analytics, GPS

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Niloo Norton
Senior Modern Workplace Specialist
National Intelligence Division

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Stephen Gillotte
CEO & President
Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.

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Ray Ivie
Senior Vice President

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Mary Quinn
Government & Public Services

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Cody Barrow
Product Leader

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Wyetta Morrow
Human Resources
Raytheon Technologies

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John Lewington
Business Dev. & Strategic Partner Sales
National Security Group

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Theresa Campobasso
Federal Advisory

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Tyler Spyrison
INSA Intern
Student at American University
Masters in International Affairs

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Megan Anderson
INSA Intern (2019-2020)

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One of the most unique aspects of the IC is the diversity of people and positions within it. No matter your background, skills, or interests, there is likely a career path that is a fit for you! However, it's not always easy to narrow down your options to one position or organization, which is exactly why it's important to stay informed on what opportunities are out there.

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