Likia Hawkins

President & CEO

Steel Point Solutions

Likia Hawkins, President and CEO of Steel Point Solutions, LLC (Steel Point), a business solutions provider specializing in digital transformation, possesses a wealth of business ownership, technology, analytics, policy, governance, and economic insight central to positioning her firm as a small business disrupter in the public sector space. She leads an award-winning small business recognized for its customer satisfaction and delivery excellence.

She has used her experience as a government civilian, federal contractor, and entrepreneur to influence Steel Point’s business strategy with a keen focus on operational efficiency, economic stewardship, relationship management, and strategic partnering. Her leadership has led to her firm receiving several awards and recognitions from clients, sales totaling approximately $40m, several industry certifications, and performance/customer satisfaction ratings of Excellent or Very Good. Known as an astute and prepared entrepreneur, Likia has positioned Steel Point for its next level of growth.

Likia also is committed to social responsibility and workforce development. She serves as a mentor to minority students by volunteering her time to serve on panels for pitch sessions, offering internships at Steel Point leading to employment in the IC with high level clearances, and participating in podcasts. In 2022, Mrs. Hawkins expanded Steel Point’s internship program to include High School students. This internship offered an opportunity for high schoolers to experience the entire lifecycle of a data science or data analytics project beginning with a literature review and concluding with a presentation of their work to Steel Point executives.  Likia is also a mentor to several  entrepreneurs. Steel Point has partnered with these firms affording them an opportunity to develop past performance. Mrs. Hawkins and her firm has also donated approximately $350,000 to various non-profit organizations. These funds have been used to provide scholarships to graduating seniors, a teacher scholarship fund, build a fine arts studio, renovate a school athletic gym and a new playground for PreK and Kindergarten. Mrs. Hawkins is a servant leader and giving is indicative of her commitment to developing the next generation of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Mrs. Hawkins has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems from Morgan State University, and an MBA with a spec. in Technology Management from University of Phoenix. Mrs. Hawkins, is a 2017 awards winner recipient of the 10th Annual Top 100 MBE Awards, an alum of the Rutgers University School of Business Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED), and an EY 2021 Entrepreneurial Access Network (EAN) 2021 inaugural cohort program participant. Recently, Mrs. Hawkins, has been named to the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ North America Class of 2022. Selection to this program affords her and her firm access to a prestigious ecosystem of business executives, pioneering entrepreneurs, strategic advisors, investors and supporters committed to her entrepreneurial success.

Mrs. Hawkins is excited to see what the future holds for Steel Point as she continues to learn while growing the business, being a mother to three boys and a wife to her husband of 19 years, Michael.