Eman Blair

VP for Strategy

Primer AI

Eman Blair is the VP for IC Strategy at Primer AI. She retired from the Central Intelligence Agency in November 2023 as a senior executive from the Directorate of Digital Innovation with over two decades of experience and distinguished service at the Central Intelligence Agency. She is a recipient of the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal. Prior to joining the Agency, she worked an associate at Booz Allen. 

Eman has substantial transformational leadership and strategic management experiences in incorporating a range of digital technologies and innovation to include information technology, cyber operations, open-source exploitation and data management and governance to meet mission requirements. As the VP for IC Strategy at Primer AI, she leads Primer AI’s efforts in identifying the continuously changing operational and analytical environment of the Intelligence Community and identify AI/ML and digital solutions to strategically address these changes and challenges. She also develops partnerships within the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense as well other commercial partners to provide comprehensive strategic solutions. 

At the Central Intelligence Agency, she held numerous senior executive positions at HQ and overseas. She served as the Senior DCIA Representative to DoD, the Chief of Digital Innovation in Europe, the Chief of Digital Innovation in the Counterterrorism Mission Center, the Chief Data Officer, and a Senior Strategic Executive in the Chief Information Office responsible for myriads of cloud initiatives, access control services, technical infrastructure, software applications, data analytics, and data science initiatives. She was also the Chief of Staff in the Directorate of Support overseeing a portfolio of enterprise systems. Following her passion in leadership, she was a Chief of a Department in the Central Intelligence Leadership Academy that was responsible for leadership development for mid-level managers and senior executives.

Throughout her career,  Eman demonstrated sound resource management expertise leading officers at various levels, overseeing enterprise systems portfolios and managing multi-million- dollar budgets. While working at Booz Allen, Eman provided high-tier consulting services to major Federal entities, leading business and cost benefit analyses, IT systems implementations and change management efforts.

Eman holds an MS in Business and Leading Innovation from Durham University in the U.K., MBA and MS in Management of Information Systems from the University of Maryland, and a BS in Marketing and Strategic Management from Kuwait University. She is also a native Arabic speaker.

Eman Blair's Headshot