NEW Video Highlighting the Importance of OSINT

December 04, 2023

(Arlington, VA)—December 4, 2023—The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) today announced the launch of a new video that describes the importance and impact of open source intelligence (OSINT) on the U.S. national security mission. INSA is the leading nonpartisan, non-profit membership organization that brings together leaders from the public, private, and academic sectors to address critical intelligence and national security challenges. 

Sponsored by Janes, the video was developed by the INSA Technology and Innovation Council to help broaden public understanding of OSINT tools and capabilities. The video highlights how the collection and analysis of information gathered from publicly available sources can be used to understand military conflict, enhance cybersecurity, track migration patterns, identify human trafficking data, and support other national security efforts. 

“In today's interconnected world, open-source intelligence has become an indispensable tool for the intelligence and national security community,” said Suzanne Wilson Heckenberg, President, INSA. “This video provides valuable insights into the capabilities of OSINT and how it is being used to address a wide range of intelligence and national security priorities.” 

The video kicks off a three-part series of virtual programs that will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of OSINT, how it is used, as well as the opportunities ahead. The first installment takes place on Tuesday, December 19 with a 9:00-9:45 am ET “Coffee & Conversation” with Linda Weissgold, former CIA Deputy Director for Analysis. Registration is gratis for the entire series.  

Sam Gordy, President, Janes US said “Today, we can harness and analyze open-source data in ways we could only do with highly classified systems decades ago.” He went on to say, “All of us at Janes appreciate INSA’s leadership in driving the dialogue around OSINT and in educating the defense and intelligence communities about this increasingly critical resource.” 

View the video and learn more about the OSINT series at  


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