Common Threads Fort Meade Recap

June 26 to 27, 2024

INSA's Fort Meade Program

This event recap is courtesy of SAIC

On June 26-27, intelligence and national security professionals from across the DMV participated in INSA's Common Threads Fort Meade - Defense is the New Offense: Cybersecurity and Hunt Forward Operations unclassified and classified programs.

The unclassified event kicked off with a career fair and welcome reception at the BWI Marriott. After ample time for networking, INSA President Suzanne Wilson Heckenberg and guest of honor, Major General Melvin Carter, USMC, Deputy Director for Combat Support, Cybersecurity Directorate, NSA, sat down for a fireside chat.  

General Carter, who was recently nominated for his third star and promotion to Lieutenant General, addressed the primary cyber threats facing the United States today and how U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) and NSA are adapting to them. He stressed that effectively countering these challenges demands an interagency approach and unity of effort between government and industry.

Carter also discussed how recent policy changes, such as the reauthorization of FISA Section 702 and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018, have allowed CYBERCOM and NSA to more effectively combat cyber threats, particularly those from nation-state actors. 

Emphasizing the crucial role of industry and Five Eyes partners in Hunt Forward Operations, Carter remarked that he is “glad we have industry on our side.” He highlighted how the private sector facilitates the sharing of critical intelligence to support NSA and CYBERCOM operations, which can be quickly disseminated to our Allies and partners across the globe.  

The fireside chat concluded with an engaging audience Q&A session, addressing a range of topics such the rapid growth of artificial intelligence and how NSA and CYBERCOM are adapting to embrace and leverage AI responsibly, the emerging competition with adversaries in quantum technology, career advice for aspiring cybersecurity professionals, and more.

The June 27 classified panel discussion focused on cybersecurity and Hunt Forward operations. 

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