Fireside Chat: Reflections on Six Decades of Service to the Nation

August 10, 2023 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM Virtual

On Thursday, August 10, INSA and AFCEA hosted a Fireside Chat: Reflections on Six Decades of Service to the Nation, with ADM William Studeman, USN (Ret.), RADM Michael Studeman, USN, and moderated by The Hon. Joan Dempsey.


Admiral William Studeman kicked off the conversation highlighting his past experiences in intelligence throughout various conflicts and crises in American history. He spoke about the changes the national security apparatus of our nation has seen as our nation shifted from the industrial age to the cyber and information age and beyond. ADM Studeman emphasized the importance of strategic intelligence and RADM Michael Studeman expounded on the importance of advancing our intelligence technology development.

RADM Studeman stressed the prevalence of “China blindless” and the need to truly understand the extent of the intelligence being gathered and sensitize Americans to the present data, privacy, cyber, and intellectual property threats.

Closing out the conversation, father and son spoke to many issues facing the Intelligence Community including the changing role of industry and improvements needed in acquisitions, oversight, and other processes.