Accelerating Digital Innovation at CIA

September 20, 2022 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM virtual

Juliane Gallina, Associate Deputy Director of the CIA's Directorate of Digital Innovation, joined INSA President Suzanne Wilson Heckenberg on Sept. 20 for a virtual conversation on accelerating development and integration of digital and cyber capabilities across all of CIA's mission areas.

Ms. Gallina discussed what the CIA is doing to modernize its use of data, technology, and the newly implemented Mission Centers. She also emphasized the metrics by which the CIA is measuring success today- end user experience. Finally, Ms. Gallina placed emphasis on changing guidance of security clearances, classified vs unclassified work, and the role of the CIA in the greater IC and analysis space.


The new Mission Centers include traditional topics, like counter-proliferation and counterterrorism, but also provide spaces for regional multidisciplinary experts to provide their unique talents and perspectives for the mission.

Ms. Gallina spoke extensively on how the CIA is moving to better use the data it has by creating tools and opportunities for their analysts to produce the best content they can, and provide end users like policy makers an experience that is useful and straightforward. This extends to the public-private partnership, where the CIA is seeing a renewed interest in In-Q-Tel, and since the pandemic have realized that giving more flexibility to companies on contracts, SCIF rules, and classification level can give more companies- especially new ones- the opportunity to help the mission.

Ms. Gallina also spoke on the role the CIA and its data has in the broader technology space- exquisite data and models.  The CIA should focus on what it is best at- the information and human talent that only it can provide- and encourage commercial companies to use the large amount of data they have to help the mission where they best fit. Ms. Gallina named speedy development and impact as CIA priorities with new technology, and the need for zero trust and continuous monitoring to protect their data and technology.

Ms. Gallina closed her remarks by speaking about how her time working in both government and industry have given her a unique perspective on the culture of the CIA and how to leverage its talented workforce, and how that trend is becoming larger over time. Talent acquisition and retainment are key issues for the IC, and she says that a reduction in clearance times by orders of magnitude and new thinking on recruitment in academia and mid-level private workers are well on the way to changing the CIA hiring landscape.

CIA Director Burns has placed personal emphasis on this issue and the search for new private companies to partner with, and Ms. Gallina attested to his personal commitment to expanding and reshaping the way CIA operates in a positive way.

The perspective and enthusiasm provided by Ms. Gallina during this virtual event informed attendees on what they can expect today and down the road from the CIA, and how they are embracing the coming technological challenges with a robust short- and long-term strategy.