Coffee and Conversation

October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024 Virtual

Nightwing Sponsorship

Be the exclusive underwriter of a series of three 45-minute webinars that cover a critical issue/business area in the IC. Host sponsors can collaborate with the INSA team on the exact themes of the programs and can help shape questions asked during the program. Each of the three webinars will follow our Coffee & Conversation model and feature one speaker and a moderator. This exclusive branding opportunity will position your organization as a thought leader on vital issues impacting our community. 

Available 2024 Series

Emerging Tech/Innovation Ecosystem  – This series will focus on the leading-edge of public and private research and development and the innovation community that supports it. We will ask current leaders what drives needs in space, what gaps can be closed through partnerships with the private sector, where the next breakthroughs may come from, and much more.

Potential topics include

  • contracting, OTAs, and measuring effectiveness/ROI
  • maintaining business competition in support of strategic competition
  • leveraging technology for enhanced operational capabilities

SOLD! Addressing Emerging Security Threats

Classified information leaks and espionage accusations disrupt U.S. operations and risk damage to relationship with key allies. To maintain security personnel standards and transform the paradigms that govern the design and execution of security policy and programs, discussions from senior government officials and industry leaders remain critical.

Potential topics include

  • mitigating security challenges
  • designing program updates and recommendations to foster public-private collaboration
  • enhancements that allow security personnel to better identify and address threats "left of boom"


SOLD! The Future of Open Source Intelligence


OSINT continues its emergence as a powerful tool helping to reshape the current state of our nation’s security. Whether through the aggregation of commercially available information or publicly available information sources, the analysis of this data has been proven to meet critical needs in support of national security operations. The unclassified nature of OSINT and its various collection methods has created a deeper conversation within the Intelligence Community on everything from collection methods to the professional discipline structure necessary to properly capture and utilize the data.

Potential topics of discussion include transparency issues; future of OSINT as a professional discipline; how generative AI can be both a threat and operational enhancer; crowdsourcing of intelligence, and more.

SOLD! Data and Quantum Computing

As the advantages and potential capabilities of quantum continue to emerge and evolve, so do the potential threats. Whether China, Russia, other adversaries, or non-state actors understanding the current and future quantum environment will be key to the United States’ strategic success. 

Potential topics of discussion include post-quantum encryption; the future of data aggregation, analysis, and use; review of new strategic plans and standards set by Intelligence Community agencies their components, and more.