Coffee & Conversation with David E. Frederick

September 12, 2023 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM Virtual

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On Tuesday, September 12, David E. Frederick, NSA’s Assistant Deputy Director of the agency’s new China Strategy Center, joined INSA Vice President for Policy, Bishop Garrison for a virtual Coffee & Conversation.  


Session recording courtesy of event sponsor, Freedom Consulting Group

Kicking off the conversation, Mr. Frederick underscored the significance of the National Security Strategy, particularly considering China’s role as the United States’ primary adversary in reshaping the global rules-based order. He emphasized the mission of the China Strategy Center, which aims to strategically align investments, manage risks, monitor performance, and maintain a forward-looking perspective on the evolving international landscape revolving around the PRC. Drawing from his prior role as the executive director of Cyber Command, Mr. Frederick highlighted his experience in safeguarding DoD networks against cyber threats originating from the PRC. He stressed the collaboration between USCYBER and INDOPACOM in deterring the PRC and preparedness for potential crises or conflicts.  

Mr. Frederick delved into the perspective of the technological battlefield between the U.S and China. First, he stressed the importance of supporting U.S. endeavors in setting technology standards, underscoring the nation’s profound expertise in computing sciences. He then highlighted the paramount role of artificial intelligence noting that NSA is currently engaged in pioneering breakthroughs in quantum computing to gain a decisive edge in encryption defense and resistance. Mr. Frederick stressed the urgency for both government and industry to invest in and contemplate the implications of quantum computing now, preparing proactively for the eventual technological future.  

Mr. Frederick also shed light on NSA’s efforts to understand, detect, and defend against Chinese cyber threats. He praised the diverse skillset within their workforce, including experts in Chinese linguistics, computer scientists, and engineers. Furthermore, he detailed the NSA’s engagement with the private sector to protect the defense industrial base, exemplified by their recent cybersecurity advisory, Living Off the Land.”

Closing out the conversation, Mr. Frederick pointed out the importance of inter-agency and industry partnerships, targeted investments, and a strategic focus on driving positive trends toward national security in competition with the PRC. 


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