Open Source: Art of the Possible for National Security

August 17, 2023 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM INSA/NRECA Conference Center, Arlington, VA

The Art of the Possible! 

More than 150 intelligence and national security professionals gathered on Thursday, August 17, 2023, for a closed-to-the-press, Chatham House Rule panel discussion, Open Source: Art of the Possible for National Security. 

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The program kicked off with panelists agreeing that OSINT is not integrated into the IC as much as it could be. It was noted that OSINT is often looked at long after it can be useful for operational support. However, the nature of of OSINT lends itself to faster more flexible uses. Panelists touched on transparency issues, tradecraft, ChatGPT and AI, and crowdsourcing intelligence. In conclusion, the speakers discussed the pros and cons of creating a separate OSINT agency, with opinions varying on the feasibility of the idea. 

Special thanks to our speakers and moderator! 

  • Chris Rasmussen, Tearline Program Manager, NGA
  • Mason Clark, Senior Analyst, Russia Team Lead, Institute for the Study of War
  • Matthew Daggett, Technical Staff, Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief Systems, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Sam Gordy, President, Janes U.S.
  • LTG Robert P. Ashley, CEO, Ashley Global Leadership and Security (moderator)



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