Coffee and Conversation with Morgan Adamski

June 14, 2023 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM Virtual

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On Wednesday, June 14, INSA hosted Morgan Adamski, Chief, Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, National Security Agency, for a virtual Coffee and Conversation with INSA Vice President for Policy, Bishop Garrison. 


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The program kicked off with Ms. Adamski providing an update on the evolution of the Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, as well as the shift internally in NSA to share insight and technical expertise "directly with the people who can use it". Ms. Adamski shared that since December 2021, the Center has rapidly grown from 100 private-sector partnerships to over 400 today. 

She discussed the Center’s three-pronged approach to achieving scale with their civilian partners, which includes working with the largest cyber security companies, providing information to protect partner companies, as well as active DoD contracts, and securing future innovations by authoring and submitting security standards for emerging technology. 


With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as both a threat and asset to our national security, Ms. Adamski drew attention to the Center’s priorities for AI, including understanding:

  • How our adversaries access this technology and intend to use it; 

  • How we can use AI to help do our jobs; and 

  • What can be done to disrupt the usual operation of AI and how this can be prevented. 

As a biproduct of their relationship with the private sector, Ms. Adamski highlighted that the Center operates almost entirely at the unclassified level, allowing remote work at NSA for the first time. Additionally, when describing NSA’s plans to hire 3,000 cyber warriors this year, she noted these hires should have a desire to be at the cutting edge of solving complex problems, where there has potentially never been a solution.

In closing, Ms. Adamski recommended that companies wanting to interact with the Center should visit: 


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