Technology & Innovation

U.S. technology companies, which are accustomed to working at a fast pace, face significant barriers to working with the Intelligence Community. Changing acquisition rules to emphasize results and to reward investment and risk-taking would make government a more attractive business partner. Such reforms would encourage technology innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors to enter the intelligence market.

INSA’s Technology and Innovation Council encourages involvement in the intelligence market by entrepreneurs, investors, and other technology innovators and promotes the development and application of technology to address the government’s most pressing intelligence challenges. The Council serves as a catalyst, leveraging the knowledge of INSA’s public and private sector members to motivate the development of new technology ideas and to identify non-traditional technology applications for quick, creative, and cost effective application.

Chair & Vice Chair 

Teresa Smetzer

Technology Council Chair

CEO, Smetzer Associates LLC

Sabra Horne

Technology Council Vice Chair

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, BMNT


The Council’s signature event is the annual Innovators' Showcase, which helps the Intelligence Community collaborate with innovative firms and gain access to cutting edge commercial technologies. Teams from industry and academia present current, emerging, or potential solutions in designated disciplines, such as cybersecurity, sensing technologies, and artificial intelligence/machine learning. Presenters receive feedback on their ideas from leading government science and technology experts, who may be able to identify funding for the most promising innovations.

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