Security Policy Reform

Government efforts to maintain a trusted workforce have, to date, fallen short. Agencies’ stovepiped approaches to security clearance investigations and adjudications leave the nation unprepared to counter adversaries who seek to harm our people, institutions, and infrastructure. Truly transforming the government's security clearance system will require updated policies to modify antiquated, time-consuming, and resource-intensive practices; make shrewd use of new technologies; rely increasingly upon continuous monitoring and evaluation of employees’ behavior rather than periodic investigations of their past activities; and eliminate the enormous backlog in security clearance investigations.

INSA’s Security Policy Reform Council seeks to transform the paradigms that govern the design and execution of security policy and programs and to serve as a thought leader on security issues. The Council works with industry and government stakeholders to identify and mitigate security challenges, develop security solutions, advocate for reforms to enhance the effectiveness of security policy and programs, and enhance industry’s ability to support and protect national security. By convening security experts in government, industry, and academia, the Council promotes collaboration, information-sharing, and ongoing exchanges of views between the public and private sectors.

Chair & Vice Chair 

Charlie Allen

INSA Senior Intelligence Advisor

Principal, The Chertoff Group

Kathy Pherson

INSF Trustee

CEO, Pherson Associates, LLC


SPRC in the News

Charlie Allen Op-ed Addresses "Culture of Leaking"

Charlie Allen Op-ed Addresses "Culture of Leaking"

"The American public has grown increasingly accustomed to the revelation of national security secrets, and leakers are lauded as heroes exposing government abuses," writes INSA senior intelligence adviser Charlie Allen. "In doing so, society marginalizes the detrimental impact to national security."


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