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John Martinez
VP and General Counsel
Intelligence, Information, and Services
Raytheon Company

"I started in the Intelligence Community almost 20 years ago as an attorney at CIA handling civil and criminal litigation matters and later detainee-related matters. I concluded my government service as the Deputy General Counsel for Intelligence at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and then transitioned into the intelligence business at Raytheon Company."

"What excites me the most about the IC today is the talent. While there remains a struggle to secure and maintain strong talent within our Community, the young people I see entering the field of service alongside our seasoned professionals give me confidence that we will have a strong base of intelligent, thoughtful and experienced leaders to navigate what are very likely to be challenged times ahead."

"As the chair of the INSA Legal Affairs Roundtable, I am very much looking forward to our very first continuing legal education seminar – 2020 National Security Legal Outlook, on January 16. ODNI General Counsel Jason Klitenic will deliver the keynote address, and two panels will address FIRRMA implementation and the need to remove legal hurdles that prevent government and industry from sharing information on personnel security."

Favorite Movie I Saw This Year: "Eye in the Sky. Although a 2015 film, I first got a chance to rent it this year. What I particularly liked was how it portrayed the often tense and competing interests between mission operators and the lawyers that support them. Although sensationalized and dramatized for Hollywood, there was enough truth in the balance between the law, technology and mission critical and time-sensitive operations to make it a compelling film."

Megan Anderson
INSA Intern
Student at Marymount University
Masters in Forensic & Legal Psychology

"What excites me most about the intelligence community today is the opportunity! I think as a young professional aspiring to work in the IC I am constantly overwhelmed by the variety of positions available, the developing landscape and the broad range of issues covered. The thing that excites me the most is the constantly changing environment that provides no opportunity for stagnancy in my future career."

"Looking ahead, countries like Russia, China, Iran and other malicious actors may be looking to interfere with the upcoming election. I believe that the use of AI bots on social media to spread misinformation and propaganda to influence the 2020 election may be the top concern for the IC this year."

Most memorable moment of 2019? "This past year I loved attending the Baker Awards. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, get dressed up and honor a distinguished member of the intelligence community. The fun environment coupled with the sheer amount of knowledge and experience in the room was awe-inspiring"

Favorite IC-Related Movie: Zero Dark Thirty
James Bond or Jack Ryan?: Definitely Jack Ryan!

John Fant
Vice President
Space, Intelligence, and Cyber

"I got started in the IC as a Naval Intelligence Officer which provided a great foundation and broad exposure to several intelligence disciplines. After military service, I joined the private sector, working for large defense firms supporting the IC in areas of cyber and technical operations - all while attending graduate school. Working across the community from a military, government, and private sector standpoint has provided me with a comprehensive experience that I feel allows me to better serve our national security missions."

"2020 is a big year for INSA's Technology & Innovation Council. In addition to the annual Innovators Showcase (our council's signature event), we are supporting TWO new INSA programs. First up is the Investing in National Security Innovation breakfast on January 30, which is designed to foster greater collaboration between the IC's Science and Technology community, investors, and technology entrepreneurs. The keynote address by In-Q-Tel CEO Chris Darby will set the stage for a lively panel discussion. Next up, on March 4, is a full-day symposium on artificial intelligence, which will bring top policy, technology, and academic leaders together for a full day of discussions on the national security opportunities and challenges around the use of AI."

Most memorable moment of 2019? "The INSA Baker Dinner always stands out to me as a signature event where we recognize the accomplishments of our great leaders. It's a great time to reflect upon the impact that we are all having upon our country in ways that many people may not be aware."

Tyler Spyrison
INSA Intern
Student at American University
Masters in International Affairs

"I have always been interested in how countries interact on the international stage, but it wasn't until the 8th grade and 9/11 for me to really begin to become interested in the IC and how the world works when it comes to national interests and threats."

"It excites me that the IC is at the forefront of using new technologies, while still having that human element. Furthermore, I really enjoy the IC's non-partisan, mission-driven goal. Everyone I have met seems to care deeply about the mission and their colleagues." 

Top trend for 2020? "I see facial recognition as the top IC issue in 2020 as more countries develop this technology and continue the discussion on how this type of technology works within democracies and their legal systems."

Favorite IC-Related Movie: Patriot Games
James Bond or Jack Ryan?: Jack Ryan (played by Harrison Ford)


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