INSA Receives ASAE National Recognition for Innovators’ Showcase

ARLINGTON, VA (Tuesday, June 19, 2018) – The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) has received a ‘Power of A’ Silver Award from the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) in recognition of its Innovators’ Showcase program.

The ‘Power of A’ Awards annually recognize organizations that distinguish themselves with innovative, effective and broad-reaching programs and activities. INSA is one of 34 associations nationwide to receive a Silver Award in 2018.

INSA’s annual Innovators’ Showcase gives academia and the private sector an opportunity to present independent research and development initiatives to scientists, technologists, and engineers from intelligence and defense agencies. The Showcase, which is conducted in conjunction with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), fosters dialogue between government and outside organizations regarding technical challenges and solutions. Presenters are selected by members of INSA’s Technology and Innovation Council, which conducts a call for abstracts on priority topics of interest to the Intelligence Community.

“The Innovators’ Showcase provides researchers, scientists, and technologists the opportunity to present cutting-edge solutions to the national security community. The Showcase exemplifies the type of public-private partnerships at the heart of INSA’s mission,” said INSA Vice President for Policy Larry Hanauer.

“INSA is honored to be recognized by ASAE, which does so much to champion best practices that help associations maximize impact in their respective communities. I am confident this recognition will help INSA enhance future Showcases’ contributions to national security.”

INSA, in conjunction with its affiliated 501c3 nonprofit, the Intelligence and National Security Foundation, will host its ninth Innovators’ Showcase in May 2019. The call for abstracts and topics of interest will be announced in early 2019. To receive priority alerts about the Innovators’ Showcase, please contact [email protected].

Both abstract submissions and government attendance at the Showcase have reached record highs in recent years under Ronda Schrenk, INSA senior fellow for public-private partnerships. Ms. Schrenk is an officer with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) on a two-year rotation with INSA.

“As a membership organization, everything INSA does is a team effort,” Hanauer said. “We have a great team behind the Showcase with Ronda, Technology and Innovation Council Chair Kevin Kelly of LGS Innovations, Vice Chair Mary Majoros of CGI Federal, our council members, and our government partners at the ODNI. They deserve a big share of the credit for this recognition.”

ASAE created the ‘Power of A’ Awards to showcase how associations leverage their unique resources to solve problems, advance industry or professional performance, kickstart innovation and improve world conditions. ASAE announced the 2018 awards on June 13.

About INSA
The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) is the leading nonpartisan, nonprofit forum for driving public-private partnerships to advance intelligence and national security priorities. A 501(c)(6) membership organization, INSA strives to identify, develop, and promote collaborative approaches to national security challenges. INSA has more than 160 organizations in its membership and enjoys extensive participation from leaders and senior executives in the public, private, and academic sectors.

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