INSA Launches Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee

INSA Launches Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee

INSA Launches Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee

Arlington, VA (April 29, 2021)—The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) today announced the launch of its Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee, which will assess current and future cyber threats to privately owned critical infrastructure across the defense industrial base and finance, telecommunications, and energy and electric sectors. Under the auspices of INSA's Cyber Council, the new Subcommittee will identify and address obstacles to greater public-private collaboration and serve as a forum for government and industry experts to share perspectives, develop new insights, better account for risk, build resiliency, and promote best practices.

"It's critical that government agencies and critical infrastructure operators improve their cybersecurity cooperation and share information on cyber threats more effectively," said INSA Vice President for Policy Larry Hanauer. "INSA's new Subcommittee will examine ways in which public-private collaboration can help secure networks in critical infrastructure sectors such as financial services, telecommunications, and the defense industrial base."

Meeting quarterly, Subcommittee members will promote strategies to mitigate cyber threats to critical infrastructure operations and will identify areas for greater public-private collaboration through Sector Coordinating Councils (SCCs) and Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs). Initial focus areas may include threat assessments of cyber threats to critical infrastructure sectors and steps needed to secure critical infrastructure supply chains.

Chris Boyer, Vice President for Global Security and Technology Policy at AT&T, will be the Subcommittee's chair. The two vice chairs will be Rich Johanning, Vice President for Mission Engineering at Amentum, and Sydney Jones, Lead of the Global Information Security External Engagement Team at CME Group.

Any INSA member in good standing may participate in the Subcommittee.

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Get to Know the Subcommittee Leadership

Chris Boyer is Vice President of Global Security and Technology Policy at AT&T Services, Inc. where he is responsible for the company's global policy positions related to cybersecurity, national security, and technology policy. Mr. Boyer works closely with the AT&T Chief Security Office and AT&T Technology and Operations to address policy issues at the intersection of emerging technology, cybersecurity, and national security. In his over 25-year career with AT&T, Mr. Boyer has performed a variety of roles including positions in the company's corporate public policy, network planning and engineering, product marketing, and network services departments. He has also served in numerous external roles including with the NSTAC, NIST, NCSA, ISPAB, and CSCC, among others.

Rich Johanning is the Vice President for Mission Engineering in Amentum's Advanced Technology Office, with a focus on strategic technology and business development. His responsibilities include bridging the gap between clients' needs and Amentum capabilities to develop resilient and operationally practical solutions that meet their needs. Mr. Johanning also leads the development of Private LTE/5G transformative solutions. Prior to Amentum, he was the Program Director of the Initiatives Group for the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. Mr. Johanning has dedicated over 28 years to the IC, holding leadership positions in government and industry focused on risk management, disaster recovery, physical protection system design, operations security, and more.

Sydney Jones leads the Global Information Security External Engagement Team at CME Group. She graduated from Barnard College with a degree in European Studies and received her Master's in International Relations from NYU. For almost a decade, she worked for the U.S. government in the Departments of State and Defense supporting host country affairs and cybersecurity efforts. After several years in D.C., she returned to New York City and continues to protect her country from cyber threats by working in the U.S. financial sector. She is also the co-chair and founder of the Futures Commission on Merchants Council, part of the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center. Ms. Jones holds her CISSP and is a member of the ISC2, CFTF, and INFRAGARD.

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