INSA Interns Learn What It's like to Work for the CIA

INSA Interns Learn What It’s like to Work for the CIA

On Tuesday, July 9th, the INSA interns joined students from the beltway region at the annual CIA Intern Forum. During their visit, they were briefed on the history of the Agency, attended a panel discussion featuring members from the CIA's five directorates and wrapped up the day with a dialogue on the value of creative thinking.

Security Policy Reform Council lead intern Jacqueline Schultz recounts, “My favorite part of the CIA Intern Forum was learning about the symbolism behind the carving of the stars onto the structure of the wall; they symbolize are a structural indication of the sacrifice made for our country. With each star there is a dual metaphor that not only has CIA lost a part of the foundation, but each star will remain a lasting part of the structure.”

“It was intimidating to drive onto the complex at Langley, but nervousness changed into appreciation as I drove around HQ. The professional feel of the campus coupled with an aura of mystery, increased my interest in the CIA. The Directorate panel made it clear that, if I develop my skillset, I can work in a wide array of interesting roles at the Agency," says Cyber Council lead intern, Christian Vickland.

The INSA interns would like to say a very special thank you to the CIA!

Interested in hosting an INSA intern forum? Contact Noel at [email protected].

Peggy O'Connor

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