INSA Achievement Awards

In 2010, the INSA Board of Directors established the INSA Achievement Awards to recognize the accomplishments of young professionals (GS-13/O-3/E-6 or equivalent and below with the exception of the Joan A. Dempsey Mentorship Award) in intelligence and national security as well as the mentors who have inspired them. INSA strongly believes it is worthwhile to formally and publicly acknowledge early achievers; in many cases, the Achievement Awards represent the first formal recognition the recipients have received. Six awards, named after previous William Oliver Baker Award winners, are presented to acknowledge the importance of mentorship and inspire young professionals to strive for excellence in the intelligence, homeland security, and national security communities.

Although missions and requirements differ in each of the individual categories, common areas of excellence include: leadership, potential for growth, impact on the profession, mission accomplishment, and emerging professional standing and influence. The seven current awards are listed below:

  • Joan A. Dempsey Mentorship Award
    • Open to all public, private and academic elements up to and including GS-15/O-6 and equivalent rank
  • Sidney D. Drell Academic Award
    • Graduate students and untenured professors
  • Richard J. Kerr Government Award
    • Civilian government employees up to/including GS-13 and equivalent rank
  • Edwin H. Land Industry Award
    • Contractor/non-government employees
  • William O. Studeman Military Award
    • Uniformed military up to/including O-3 and equivalent enlisted rank
  • John W. Warner Homeland Security Award
    • First responders and domestic government employees up to and including GS-13 and equivalent rank

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