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CREATE Better Reasoning Study Deadline
Research study ends July 8.

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab is recruiting people who love to solve puzzles, logic games, and analytic problems to participate in its CREATE research studies that explore crowdsourced reasoning.

CREATE research studies will help in learning more about how people reason when solving complex problems, and how they communicate their reasoning to other people. JHU APL is particularly interested in how teams share and evaluate possible solutions, and how they collaborate to develop a common solution.

How does CREATE work?

  1. Join CREATE here.
  2. Review and sign the Consent form – When you join, we'll send you a Consent form to read and "sign" online. The Consent form describes the research study and your rights as a participant. CREATE Research Studies are IRB approved [Johns Hopkins Medicine IRB00200712 | PIs: Kathleen Straub, PhD and Rebecca Rhodes, PhD.].
  3. Get set up – After you sign the consent, you'll get a CREATE research study email and access to a CREATE Google Classroom. We use Google Classroom to post Challenges. Your classroom will have some background materials and example problems and answers. Your teammates will have access to the same classroom.
  4. Look for Challenge Alerts – We will send invitations to new Challenges to everyone who has joined. Invitations describe the Challenge and when it starts and ends.
  5. Participate in the Challenges – To join a specific Challenge, click "I'm in" on the invitation email. If you can't or don't want to participate, just ignore that invitation.
  6. Solve the problems or puzzles – Work with your team to develop consensus answers and explain your reasoning.
  7. Give us feedback – After each Challenge, we will ask for feedback about the problem, how you solved it, and the CREATE experience.
  8. Track your team – We'll let you know how your team did on each Challenge. We will also post a scoreboard of the teams that are doing the most and the best. If your team submits a particularly well-reasoned response, you may get extra recognition.
If you have any questions, please reach out to

Intelligence, Science, and Technology Partnership (In-STeP)
Responses are due July 26.

On May 22, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) posted a request for information for the Intelligence, Science, and Technology Partnership (In-STeP) program. Responses are due by July 26.

To facilitate broader engagement, the ODNI is expanding the scope of one of its longstanding activities, the Intelligence, Science, and Technology Partnership (In-STeP) 1-on-1 Meeting Series, to include presentations on innovative capabilities that also address the ODNI’s IC-wide Strategic Initiatives:

  • Augmenting Intelligence Using Machines: Increased insight, knowledge, and speed through Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Augmentation.
  • Right, Trusted, Agile Workforce: A trusted workforce with the right expertise that moves easily within the IC and to/from the private sector
  • Acquisition Agility: Flexible, risk-managed delivery of innovative capabilities, data, and expertise at mission pace.
  • Modern Data Management and Infrastructure: IC data discoverable, accessible and usable, through secure, modernized systems and standards.
  • Private Sector Partnerships: Effective leveraging of the collective capabilities, data, expertise, and insights of the private sector.
  • Comprehensive Cyber Posture: A nation more secure from cyber threats and the U.S. positioned for strategic and tactical surprise.

Click here for more information.

If you have an upcoming event that would be of interest to intelligence and national security professionals and would like to see it on this page, please submit event information for consideration to


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