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Areas of interest include:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Advancements in autonomous systems for rapid object detection and classification, Human Language Technology (HLT), Human-Machine Teaming integration, and novel trend analysis in large, disparate datasets.

Behavioral Sciences

  • Develop predictive analytic tools/capabilities to detect, analyze, and counter propaganda and disinformation, manipulations of social media, and malign influence originated from both state and non-state influencers.

Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Sciences

  • Chemical: Enhancement of capabilities to rapidly detect, collect, identify, and characterize signatures associated with the research and development of chemical warfare agents. Development of capabilities to simulate the disposal of CBN materials in real environments and atmospheric conditions.
  • Biological: Enhancement of capabilities to detect, classify, and identify signatures from both synthetically-derived and naturally-occurring biological agents. Development of technologies to more accurately track and predict the intentional, unintentional, and/or misappropriation of biological datasets and intellectual property.
  • Nuclear: Development of enhanced capabilities to detect, collect, and characterize signatures from material related to nuclear research and development. Novel methods to make or refine significant quantities of materials related to nuclear weapons.


  • Innovations that enhance next-generation encryption, block chain technology, global supply chain risk mitigation, leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) in novel ways, create scalable network vulnerability assessments and persistent cyber capabilities, and exploit offensive cyber programs of key adversaries.

Materials and Manufacturing 

  • Innovations resulting in unique material properties of utility, strength, and size. Improvements in manufacturing techniques such as additive structures, automated assembly, and reverse engineering.


  • Innovations that enhance or enable new sensing of the physical environment and provide improved device utility, survivability, and persistence in adverse environments. These sensors may exploit any part of the EM spectrum (X-rays, UV, visible, IR), and acoustic and gravitational waves.

Paradigm Changes

  • Technology or research that represents a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something; a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing paradigm in a significant way.

About the Showcase

Up to 24 submissions will be selected for inclusion in the Innovators’ Showcase, taking place May 14 at MITRE in Tysons Corner, VA. Presenters at this one-day exhibition will deliver brief, "Shark Tank" pitches to senior government procurement and S&T leaders, whose mission and application needs may provide future funding opportunities. Abstracts should be one-page, unclassified and nonproprietary. 

Attending the Showcase

This event is only open to invited presenters and to the U.S. Government S&T community. For information, contact


What are the evaluation criteria?

Abstracts will be scored based on three criteria: Degree of innovation, potential impact on national security missions, and maturity (e.g., TRL or time from application). The first two criteria will be weighted more heavily than the third to ensure that early-stage innovative technologies are carefully considered.

Do presenters need a security clearance?

No, presenters do not need a security clearance.  Written abstracts must be unclassified.  Many oral presentations are unclassified, although presenters with the appropriate clearances may brief their technology at any level up to TS/SCI.

How will you protect my proprietary information?

Written abstracts will be evaluated by a small committee of INSA members from industry who have signed non-disclosure agreements.  Attendance at the Showcase event is limited to government officials and INSA staff, so no one from the private sector will hear your Showcase presentation.

Can non-American companies submit abstracts and present at the Showcase?

Yes, but keep in mind that it is difficult (though not impossible) for defense and intelligence agencies to procure technologies from non-U.S. companies.  Due to security restrictions at the facility where the Showcase event will take place, only U.S. citizens can present at the Showcase.

Can you waive the $300 application fee?

 The application fee, which covers INSA’s costs for managing this event, is waived for companies that are members of INSA and its Showcase partner organizations (AFCEA, USGIF, ATIA, and FINND).  If the application fee represents a hardship for your company, please contact

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