Financial Threats

INSA’s Financial Threats Council works to strengthen public-private cooperation and information sharing regarding the broad range of threats faced by government, the financial services sector, and other industries, which include cyber security, money laundering, terrorist finance, transnational organized crime, corruption, and confidence in U.S. and global financial infrastructure.

The Council seeks to:

  • Identify key problems and challenges associated with financial threats to our national security
  • Shape public policy regarding financial threats that affect American businesses’ interests and activities.
  • Develop specific new policy, legislation, intelligence, and law enforcement options to expose and counter these threats and the activities of the enablers who facilitate illicit financial activity.
  • Promote close collaboration between the private sector and the U.S. Government on efforts to identify financial vulnerabilities and establish tools and processes to counter efforts to exploit said vulnerabilities.

Chair & Vice Chair 

Leslie Ireland

Financial Threats Council Chair

Board Member, Citigroup

Kelly Brickley

Financial Threats Council Vice Chair

Vice President, Global Anti-Money Laundering Technology Delivery, TD Bank


FINnet: Classified Information Sharing for the Financial Sector

FINnet: Classified Information Sharing for the Financial Sector

INSA encourages the US Government to partner with financial institutions to establish a unique, public-private CS/IA program. Such a program should include a portal modeled on DIBnet to enable the real-time, secure flow of classified and unclassified cyber threat data between federal and non-federal ...


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