Cyber Council

Both government and industry face a wide range of cyber security threats, and both must develop and employ cutting-edge technologies to combat malicious actors in the United States and abroad.

INSA’s Cyber Council seeks to fuse knowledge from industry, government, and academic experts in order to provide authoritative and influential insight regarding the national security challenges present in the cyber domain. The Council will seek to promote a greater understanding of cyber threats, challenges, and opportunities that can be addressed effectively through public-private collaboration.

The Cyber Council’s principal goals are to:

  • Provide a non-partisan forum for public-private collaboration focused on cybersecurity;
  • Work with government agencies, the private sector, and academia to identify issues and develop creative, innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges;
  • Educate and inform INSA members, the U.S. government, private companies, academic institutions, and the American public on the vital roles played by intelligence in the cyber domain; and
  • Advocate for public-private partnerships that result in the promotion of effective and efficient cybersecurity.

Chair & Vice Chair

Kevin Zerussen

Cyber Council Chair

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Jim Keffer

Cyber Council Vice Chair

Director of Cyber, Lockheed Martin Government Affairs


Past Events


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