The 2019 INSA Achievement Awards Recipients

The 2019 INSA Achievement Awards Recipients

Join us on February 21 for the ninth annual INSA Achievement Awards ceremony where we will honor outstanding early to mid-career professionals in the intelligence, national security, and homeland security communities, as well as the senior leaders who inspire their success. Online registration ends Monday, February 18.

The festive evening includes keynote remarks by Lieutenant General Robert P. Ashley, Jr., director, U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.

2019 INSA Achievement Awards Recipients

  • Capt Nicholas R. D’Andrea, USAF, Division Chief, Special Programs, National Reconnaissance Office (William O. Studeman Military Award)
  • Philip Haddad, Targeting Analyst, Department of Homeland Security (John W. Warner Homeland Security Award)
  • Saeben HaveringtonIntelligence Analyst, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (John W. Warner Homeland Security Award)
  • Lori Anne ParkerSenior Intelligence Officer, Department of Homeland Security (Joan A. Dempsey Mentorship Award)
  • Dakota S. RudesillAssistant Professor, Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University (Sidney D. Drell Academic Award)
  • J. Travis ThompsonIntelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency (Richard J. Kerr Government Award)
  • Adam Van Etten, PhD, Technical Director, In-Q-Tel CosmiQ Works (Edwin H. Land Industry Award)

About the Recipients

Capt Nicholas R. D’Andrea, USAF

Division Chief, Special Programs, National Reconnaissance Office
William O. Studeman Military Award

Captain Nicholas R. D'Andrea dramatically advanced the National Reconnaissance Office’s (NRO) contributions to a special program in support of DoD tactical missions and improved the U.S. government’s timely support to deployed forces in harm’s way.

As the first Defense Department professional with specific expertise to lead this NRO tactical military mission support team, his exceptional leadership and vision has institutionalized the NRO’s role in specialized DoD mission support operations that save warfighter lives. In less than a year, by earning trust and buy-in from key stakeholders, Captain D’Andrea increased NRO’s national military operations exercise participation by almost three-fold. He reached out to U.S. military schools to ensure their training incorporates information on how NRO assets are deployed in support of DoD missions, thereby increasing operational success and limiting casualties. He worked with Combatant Command planners to integrate national intelligence support into contingency plans, which resulted in a successful military operation in a hostile area. Due to Captain D’Andrea’s leadership, NRO overhead systems supported the Department of Defense’s only live-fly, joint multi-national exercise, demonstrating specialized NRO mission support capabilities. Due to the significant impact of these initiatives, his work was briefed to the Director of National Intelligence and the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

Captain D’Andrea’s commitment to excellence and dedication to the mission bring credit upon himself, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the United States of America.

Philip Haddad

Targeting Analyst, Department of Homeland Security
John W. Warner Homeland Security Award

Philip Haddad has demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovative thinking as a Targeting Analyst supporting the Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Identities, Targeting and Exploitation Center (HITEC).  Mr. Haddad pioneered a novel counter-network targeting methodology that produced breakthrough operational results in a major Homeland Security Investigations terrorism case. His approach enabled his team to rapidly interpret and structure large volumes of data from digital devices, accelerating the timeframe from investigation to indictment by over a year. In the process, he discovered previously unknown links to terrorist and illicit smuggling organizations, which informed the Defense Department’s prioritization of high-value targets on the battlefield.

Mr. Haddad’s efforts led to the overhaul of the HITEC and the establishment of a new specialized counter-network targeting team. His work provided DHS operational customers with high-value insights and informed terrorist arrests in multiple countries abroad, while also supporting DoD operations in the Middle East.

Mr. Haddad’s cutting-edge work has garnered praise for its operational impacts and serves as a best practice for how intelligence and law enforcement agencies can collaborate on high-priority investigations.

Saeben Haverington
Intelligence Analyst, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
John W. Warner Homeland Security Award

Saeben Haverington displayed exceptional leadership, initiative, and team building skills as project lead of a multi-department team that created the first holistic maritime and air domain awareness intelligence estimate for the U.S. Great Lakes.

Due to Mr. Haverington’s vision, what started as a small team of intelligence analysts from the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Intelligence quickly grew in scope and diversity, as members from CBP’s Office of Field Operations, Air and Marine Operations, U.S. Border Patrol, and U.S. Coast Guard joined the effort. He and his team developed a unique intelligence methodology that drew on reporting from DHS Components and other agencies in and around the Great Lakes. He forged partnerships with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Border Services Agency, Ontario Provincial Police, as well as with U.S. state and local law enforcement agencies, to ensure the initiative provided a full picture of aviation and maritime activity on Lake Erie.

The novel intelligence methodology led to the reallocation of resources to better combat cross-border threats, as well as increased joint operations across Lake Erie, and the project’s focus has expanded to now include Lake Huron and Superior.

Mr. Haverington’s leadership, vision, and dedication to the mission has significantly enhanced U.S. national security and U.S.-Canadian cooperation along the northern border of the United States.

Lori Anne Parker

Senior Intelligence Officer, Department of Homeland Security
Joan A. Dempsey Mentorship Award

Lori Anne Parker has displayed exemplary leadership as a senior intelligence officer in the newly established Economic Security Mission Center (ESMC) in the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis. In less than a year, she fostered an environment in which her small team of analysts has been challenged to learn and grow while contributing in substantive ways to the Intelligence Community’s mission.

Ms. Parker has helped her team handle the unknown. She encouraged her analysts to seek out training and educational opportunities to strengthen their subject matter expertise and ensured they had the time and resources to take advantage of those opportunities. Importantly, she instilled in her team a strong commitment to tradecraft standards and analytic integrity.  Ms. Parker actively connected the unit’s work with complementary efforts throughout DHS, including undertaking a part-time joint duty assignment with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to ensure both organizations supported each other effectively.

Ms. Parker's everyday leadership, collaborative spirit, and commitment to the mission, have inspired and encouraged the members of her team to achieve their mission, take chances, and grow in their careers.

Dakota S. Rudesill
Assistant Professor, Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University
Sidney D. Drell Academic Award

Dakota S. Rudesill, an Assistant Professor at the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University, is one of only a handful of legal academics with experience inside the Intelligence Community. He is an innovative instructor, accomplished scholar, and champion of next generation leaders.

Assistant Professor Rudesill established The Ohio State National Security Simulation, a sophisticated two-day interdisciplinary exercise that trains students from law, policy, military, intelligence, communications, and business management programs. Now including more than 130 participants, the exercise challenges students to “learn-by-doing,” demonstrate ethical courage, and work as part of multi-profession teams.

His scholarship has been path-breaking. Assistant Professor Rudesill’s article on the Land and Naval Forces Clause of the Constitution provides new insight into the basis for Congress’s regulation of intelligence activities. His 2015 study in the Harvard National Security Journal, “Coming to Terms with Secret Law,” thoughtfully grappled with the use of unpublished legal authorities to regulate controversial intelligence and national security programs.

Through his exemplary teaching, scholarship, and service to his profession, Assistant Professor Rudesill has greatly enhanced intelligence and national security education and helped develop the next generation of U.S. intelligence and national security leaders.

J. Travis Thompson
Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency
Richard J. Kerr Government Award

J. Travis Thompson has demonstrated exceptional initiative, technical expertise, and support of next generation intelligence leaders in his role as an intelligence officer for the Defense Counterproliferation Office at the Defense Intelligence Agency. His expert analysis was key to a government-wide counterproliferation effort to defeat an adversarial capability. Over the course of a year-long project, he worked seamlessly with multiple intelligence organizations, collection units, and technical experts to identify, assess, and produce intelligence that provided a decisive advantage to the United States.

Mr. Thompson is committed to putting mission first and going above and beyond expectations. During critical manning shortages, he repeatedly volunteered to serve in key leadership positions above his grade level. An advocate for the workforce, he collaborated with peers and senior management to form a junior workforce panel, ensuring an open, ongoing dialogue between line analysts and office leadership. Additionally, he has selflessly shared his knowledge by working to integrate new members to the team and mentoring junior analysts.

INSA recognizes Mr. Thompson for his exceptional analytic skills, his commitment to developing his Agency’s future workforce, and his outstanding potential as a future leader of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Adam Van Etten, PhD
Technical Director, In-Q-Tel CosmiQ Works
Edwin H. Land Industry Award

Adam Van Etten, Ph.D., has demonstrated exceptional leadership in the development, execution, and management of a comprehensive, open-source strategy for utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) on remote sensing data at scale for national security, commercial, and humanitarian applications. He has been instrumental in developing projects and deliverables that accelerate AI algorithms and tools across the entire workflow. Dr. Van Etten led and contributed to the development of four open source tools, algorithms, and analytic evaluation metrics that have advanced the missions of CosmiQ’s stakeholders in the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense.

Dr. Van Etten led the SpaceNet 3 Challenge focused on road network extraction and routing. When traditional metrics proved inadequate, he developed a new, more practical evaluation metric, Average Path Length Similarity, for scoring road network and routing detection. He has helped nonprofit and humanitarian organizations leverage and contribute to open source tools and data sets and has incorporated AI capabilities into disaster response crowdsourcing platforms to increase their speed and accuracy.

Dr. Van Etten’s vision, leadership, and technical contributions enabled the application of artificial intelligence to mission critical mapping and remote sensing applications, thereby enhancing the capabilities of the Intelligence Community and the security of the nation

About the Awards

  • Joan A. Dempsey Mentorship Award
    • Open to all public, private and academic elements up to and including GS-15/O-6 and equivalent rank
  • Sidney D. Drell Academic Award
    • Graduate students and untenured professors
  • Richard J. Kerr Government Award
    • Civilian government employees up to/including GS-13 and equivalent rank
  • Edwin H. Land Industry Award
    • Contractor/non-government employees
  • William O. Studeman Military Award
    • Uniformed military up to/including O-3 and equivalent enlisted rank
  • John W. Warner Homeland Security Award
    • First responders and domestic government employees up to and including GS-13 and equivalent rank

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