The membership of INSA includes decision makers and senior leaders from government, industry, and academia. This diversity enables INSA’s members to broaden their professional network, learn new perspectives and develop cross-community knowledge, and better understand top intelligence priorities.

INSA membership includes both corporate and individual members.

Corporate members

Corporate members include academic institutions, government contractors, and other private sector organizations from a variety of sectors, including legal, financial, and commercial. Contractors include both large multinational corporations and smaller firms that may have a modest footprint in government contracting or none at all. These organizations provide a wide range of services to the intelligence and national security communities, including hardware, information technology, management consulting, and much more. INSA has more than 160 corporate members.

Corporate members are able to add employees to their INSA membership roster, allowing them to participate in INSA’s councils, task forces, and other policy-driven activities.

Corporate members can choose a membership level that best fits their organization’s budget and resources. View all membership levels and benefits.

Individual Members

Individual members include current, former, and retired government officers, and individuals who seek to participate in INSA’s activities completely in a personal capacity, unaffiliated with their employer. INSA has hundreds of individual members.

Current employees of the U.S. Government are able to participate as individual members in INSA councils, task forces, and working groups at no charge, as their participation is essential to the public-private dialogue INSA desires in the development of its policy products.


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