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The INSA Cyber Intelligence Task Force started the INSA Cyber Intelligence Blog to provide a forum for task force members to share their insight, knowledge and opinions of the cyber intelligence field and foster dialogue with the broader government, industry and academia communities.

The blog’s mission is to provide unique perspectives on cyber intelligence from government, industry and academia, and increase awareness of the capabilities and challenges of effective cyber intelligence and its importance to protecting the networks and data of public and private organizations of all sizes.

The blog is designed to promote dialogue, not products or services. Though companies’ operations and services may be mentioned as a matter of content, the blog will not endorse particular companies or services. Bookmark the blog at and get updates on Twitter by following @cyberintelblog.


All blog contributors are members of the Cyber Intelligence Task Force, though some guest submissions may be solicited by task force members.

If you would be interested in becoming a contributor or submitting a guest post, INSA encourages you to consider an individual INSA membership. An annual membership is only $20 for students, and $40 for professionals in government and academia. In addition to becoming a blog contributor, INSA membership includes benefits such as access to INSA events and members-only publications.

INSA public relations and communications staff review all submissions for suitability and to ensure they align with the blog’s mission. Opinions expressed in the blog are expressly those of the author and do not reflect the views of the CITF, INSA Cyber Council or INSA.

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Permitted Usage of Information

You are welcome to use, for any lawful purpose, the information posted on the CIB, provided that you link to and attribute the INSA Cyber Intelligence Blog. Any third-party material linked to or referenced on the CIB is subject to the rights of the owners of that material. INSA respects the intellectual property rights of others and seeks to provide a platform that shares content respectfully and legally.

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