IC ITE – Doing in Common What is Commonly Done

February 2013

Budget pressures and mission requirements, including the need to more efficiently share information, are driving the development of an Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise (ICITE). This paper, the first component in what will soon be an INSA white paper, explores the intent and perspective of IC leaders as the new IT environment is developed. “IC ITE – Doing in Common what is Commonly Done” refers to the transition from an agency-centric IT model, to a shared-services model that more fully integrates IC capabilities and promises to generate considerable cost savings. Although acknowledging that major challenges will continue to emerge, this paper presents a decidedly optimistic view of the future from the government perspective. Future papers will continue to explore the challenges and opportunities of IC ITE from an industry perspective, examining how industry addresses IT issues in their own enterprises, and the challenges they foresee for the IC.

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