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INSA’s Council on Technology and Innovation is comprised of dedicated business, academia and government professionals who are passionate about harnessing the power of emerging technologies and innovative ideas to solve U.S. national security challenges. Through partnerships forged between the private and public sectors, the Council works to mobilize the nation’s entrepreneurial resources for national security ends. Whether working with government intelligence organizations, producing white papers or partnering with other non-profit groups, the Council is committed to the goal of promoting creative solutions to our nation’s national security challenges.  

The INSA Council on Technology and Innovation created the Innovation and Integration Series as breakfast events to discuss critical topics of high interest to a specific government sponsor.  The initial set of events on mobile technology and its impact on analysis and dissemination of will serve as a forum for the Intelligence Community (IC) to determine the most effective methods to use mobile technology to produce, organize, disseminate, and update information.

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Tech Council Papers
 Emerging Science and Technologies (4/1/2013) 

U.S. investment in fundamental research, which enhances national security and spurs economic growth, has declined relative to other countries....

Tech Council Events
 2014 INSA Innovators' Showcase (11/6/2014) 

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) has presented the Innovators’ Showcase since 2010, in collaboration with the National Intelligence Science and Technology Committee of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI)...

 INSA Intelligence Community (IC) Summit (9/12/2013) 

Join INSA at the inaugural Intelligence Community (IC) Summit for a comprehensive forum of senior IC leaders and industry counterparts to discuss relevant national security issues affecting the community for the next ten years....

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