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Since the 2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA), legislation has required a systematic review and update of the security clearance process for the Intelligence Community. This legislation and several executive orders call for the greater inclusion of technology, the standardization of clearance guidelines across federal agencies, greater clearance reciprocity and the shortening of the review period to clear personnel faster without sacrificing security. Many of these gains have been realized, but much work remains to assure that these improvements are sustainable and that they are felt by the private sector partners within the IC.

The Security Policy Reform Council was formed in 2010 by INSA Senior Intelligence Advisor Charlie Allen in order to support the reform effort and improve efficiency in the clearance process. The group meets with private sector partners, government workforce planners, security officers and other notable experts to gain a complete picture of the security clearance process and offer concise, executable recommendations for meeting and sustaining the goals laid out in 2004 IRTPA. Based on these meetings, the Security Policy Reform Council published the white paper, “Next Steps for Security Reform: Industry Proposals to Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Costs in National Security Contracts,” which noted the significant improvements that have been made in the security clearance process, but identifies significant policy impediments that can be addressed to improve the efficient use of cleared contractor personnel by the government.

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SPRC White Papers
 Leveraging Emerging Technologies in the Security Clearance Process (3/6/2014) 

Recent compromises of U.S. government national security information highlight the need to focus on the periodic reinvestigation (PR) process and make fundamental improvements. Policy makers have a unique opportunity to make long overdue adjustments t...

 Next Steps for Security Reform: Industry Proposals to Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Costs in Nationa (12/1/2011) 

This white paper by INSA’s Security Clearance Reform Task Force addresses the costly delays related to security clearances and recommends actions which could save hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars....

SPRC Events
 INSA Insider Threat Symposium (4/28/2016) 

The focus on insider threat and industrial security standards, already laser-like in the wake of Snowden and workplace violence, has taken on even greater significance following the OPM data breach. Join other business and government executives for a...

 2015 Intelligence and National Security Summit (9/9/2015) 

On September 9 - 10 INSA and AFCEA co-hosted the Intelligence & National Security Summit. The two-day event brought together thought leaders from the public, private and academic sectors to encourage a strategic dialogue about the issues of intellige...

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