INSA Intelligence Champions Council

INSA leaders formed the Intelligence Champions Council (ICC) in June 2012 to assist in developing careers in the field of intelligence through inclusion, involvement and empowerment.  The Council works to foster dialogue between members of the Intelligence Community (IC) at different stages of their careers and across organizational boundaries, and to create forums for the exploration of topics critical to the next generation of IC leaders.

Members of the Council are senior leaders in government and industry, many of whom have spent their careers in fields dedicated to protecting national security.  The Council also includes a select number of more junior leaders recognized for their ability to articulate and act on the challenges facing their generation.

To promote engagement among different groups and to contribute solutions to Community issues, the Council hosts a variety of mentoring and networking events specifically designed to reach out to professionals across the career spectrum.  The goal of these events is to create environments that promote candid discussion among participants regardless of experience, gender, employer or sector (public or private); breakdown hierarchical and organizational barriers; and facilitate the transfer of knowledge to benefit the leaders of today and tomorrow.

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ICC Events
 2016 INSA Achievement Awards Reception & Ceremony (2/9/2016) 

This series of awards recognizes the accomplishments of young professionals in the intelligence and national security communities and those who have encouraged and inspired them to strive for excellence....

 Strengthening Intelligence through Diverse Perspectives (11/4/2015) 

On Wednesday, November 4, INSA’s Intelligence Champions Council (ICC) hosted a panel discussion entitled “Strengthening Intelligence through Diverse Perspectives.” The discussion explored how different perspectives, backgrounds, and skill sets contri...

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