At a time when intelligence and national security challenges are at the forefront of our nation's concern, INSA has positioned itself as the non-partisan source of essential information and strategic analysis that is shaping policy to enhance our intelligence and national security communities.

INSA’s Councils and Task Forces reflect INSA’s mission to facilitate collaboration between the public and private sectors for non-partisan, practical solutions to our national security challenges. INSA’s Councils and Task Forces produce white papers testimony and expert level answers to policy requests from the White House, the National Security Council, the ODNI, the Pentagon and various Executive Branch Agencies and Congressional Committees.


Gathering Diverse Expertise for One Goal

INSA is the center around which the once-independent efforts of intelligence professionals, industry leaders and academic experts are aligning. The results are exponentially more effective intelligence solutions that meet our most pressing intelligence and national security challenges.

Anticipating the Challenges of the Future

INSA members understand the intelligence and national security performance imperative regardless of their specific area of expertise. This shared sense of mission is vital to the creation and implementation of security solutions that protect our homeland and overseas interests.

Precise, Actionable Analysis on Multiple Fronts

INSA is home to multiple councils and task forces, each focused on a critical theme of intelligence and national security. Councils are enduring bodies that examine a broad range of issues related to their central theme, while task forces are temporary in nature and established to examine one critical and current issue in intelligence and national security. Each council and task force is composed of highly experienced professionals dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of our intelligence and national security policies.

Recent White Papers
 After Action Report: Homegrown Violent Extremism Homeland Security Exercise (9/15/2014) 

In April 2014 the INSA Homeland Security Intelligence Council conducted a tabletop exercise to examine the current response procedures and information sharing policies amongst government, law enforcement, the private sector and the public in the cont...

 IC ITE: Industry Perspectives (9/11/2014) 

Following its February 2013 white paper on the Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE), IC ITE – Doing in Common What Is Commonly Done, the INSA IC ITE Task Force conducted four panel discussions on areas identified as essen...

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Recent Events
 Intelligence & National Security Summit (9/18/2014) 

The Intelligence & National Security Summit will bring together national thought leaders from the public, private and academic sectors to encourage a strategic dialogue about the issues of intelligence effectiveness, transparency and accountability....

 ICC Panel Discussion: Millennials, the Community and Social Media (7/10/2014) 

Members of the generation labeled ‘Millennial’ are rising to positions of responsibility in the intelligence and national security community. How Millennials and their social networks adapt to the community and how the community adapts to them now af...

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Recent Updates
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