INSA Intelligence Champions Council

The Intelligence Champions Council (ICC) seeks to facilitate informal learning for members of the intelligence and national security workforce and helping them build positive relationships, discover professional mentors, and gain an appreciation for other perspectives within the community. The ICC hosts panel discussions and mentoring events designed for professionals across the career spectrum. The goal of these events is to create an environment that promotes candid discussion and two-way learning between participants regardless of experience, gender, employer or sector.

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ICC Events
 Speed Mentoring hosted by INSA's Intelligence Champions Council (ICC) (4/25/2017) 

Join INSA’s Intelligence Champions Council (ICC) for its fifth Speed Mentoring event on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Corin Stone, Executive Director of the National Security Agency, will keynote the program....

 2017 INSA Achievement Awards (2/23/2017) 

Nominate promising individuals in your organization who have shown the potential to become part of the intelligence and national security communities’ next generation of leadership for an INSA Achievement Award....

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