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The INSA Cyber Council is a group of current and former executives from the public, private and academic sectors with expertise in cyber security. The Council engages government and industry communities in pursuit of innovative solutions and thought leadership that will improve existing cyber security policies, practices and organization for both sectors.

The Council has published four white papers since its inception in 2009, including the September 2011 paper, “Cyber Intelligence: Setting the Landscape for an Emerging Discipline,” which discusses the importance and necessity of intelligence in the cyber domain and explores methods to develop this discipline. It assesses the current cyber threat dynamic, the overarching costs of cyber-attacks and security, and the need for a strategic approach to address this evolving threat.

The Council’s most recent white paper, “Cloud Computing: Risks, Benefits, and Mission Enhancement for the Intelligence Community,” was published in March 2012 and rolled-out at a standing room only event featuring Terry Roberts, Cyber Council Chair; Jim Heath, Senior Science Advisor to the Director of NSA; and Bob Gourley, Cloud Computing Task Force Chair. This paper looks at the broad area of cloud computing and offers observations for consideration by senior leaders in government and industry that are interested in the process of implementing a cloud architecture for their organization.

In September 2012, the Cyber Council hosted the INSA Cyber Innovation Symposium in Washington, D.C. The Symposium featured speakers from across the private sector, government and academia, and included keynote speeches from Chris Inglis, Deputy Director NSA, and Chairman Mike Rogers, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rick Ledgett, Director NSA Threat Operations Center, and Michael Daniel, National Security Council.

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Cyber Council White Papers
 Operational Cyber Intelligence (10/22/2014) 

The third white paper in the “Levels Of Cyber Intelligence” series – While much attention has been paid to cyber attacks against organizations of all sizes and from across all sectors, there has been less discussion of how organizations can strengthe...

 IC ITE: Industry Perspectives (9/11/2014) 

Following its February 2013 white paper on the Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE), IC ITE – Doing in Common What Is Commonly Done, the INSA IC ITE Task Force conducted four panel discussions on areas identified as essen...

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Cyber Council Events
 Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure: A Discussion of Challenges, Responses and Next Steps (11/18/2014) 

INSA’s Homeland Security Intelligence Council and Cyber Council are bringing together a panel of nationally-recognized experts to respond to a fictional scenario involving a cyber attack on critical infrastructure in the energy sector....

 Intelligence & National Security Summit (9/18/2014) 

The Intelligence & National Security Summit will bring together national thought leaders from the public, private and academic sectors to encourage a strategic dialogue about the issues of intelligence effectiveness, transparency and accountability....

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