INSA Cyber Council

The INSA Cyber Council is a select group of current and former executives from the public, private and academic sectors with a breadth of expertise across the Cyber and Digital arena to include: Cyber/IT/Computing/Data Analytics, Operations, Policy and Security. The Council engages government and industry communities in pursuit of thought leadership and practical solutions, focusing on key challenges we all face today.  Through our INSA Body of Work, we effectively partner with government and industry to drive constructive dialogues and partnerships that will advance cyber-related domain initiatives, policies, and practices across all sectors.

The Council has published numerous white papers since its inception in 2009.  In March 2012 the Council published “Cloud Computing: Risks, Benefits, and Mission Enhancement for the Intelligence Community,” a primer on cloud computing. The Council’s September 2011 paper, “Cyber Intelligence: Setting the Landscape for an Emerging Discipline,” explores the necessity of intelligence in the cyber domain and methods to develop this discipline, which resulted in a whitepaper series.  In September 2013, "Operational Levels of Cyber Intelligence," was published and further discusses cyber intelligence as a disciplined methodology with understandable frames of reference in the form of operational levels.  It seeks to inform both government and private industry, recognizing that not all relevant decision makers at various organizations levels will share a common view of the challenges associated with conducting business or operations in cyberspace, nor how to best thwart adversarial activity.  The Council published, “Strategic Cyber Intelligence,” in March 2014, and contends that while much attention has been directed towards the tactical, on-the-network cyber domain, not enough resources have been devoted to strategic cyber intelligence. The paper looks to promote thought and dialogue on the importance of strategic cyber intelligence, assisting senior leaders’ risk-informed decision making, and ultimately leading to improved strategy, policy, architecture, and investment.  It thereby reduces risk to an organization’s critical mission and assets and enables senior leadership to make informed decisions and proactively defend the enterprise. In September 2014 the Council published the second paper in the IC ITE series; "IC ITE: Industry Perspectives."  In this paper the Task Force conducted four panel discussions on areas identified as essential to IC ITE’s success: the governance model, the business model, security and risk management, technology and innovation.

In September 2013 the Council also published “A Preliminary Examination of the Insider Threat Programs in the U.S. Private Sector,” which examines how some of the country’s commercial and defense companies implement insider threat programs within their organizations.  Most recently, the Insider Threat Resource Directory was launched.

The Cyber Council recently participated in the Cyber Track of the recent AFCEA/INSA Intelligence and National Security Fall Summit, which was held on September 18 - 19, 2014 in Washington, D.C. The Council’s focus areas included Cyber R&D efforts across the Community, IC IT enterprise, the evolving discipline of cyber intelligence, Insider Threat Best Practices and the newest efforts focused on Cyber Training and Education.

Cyber Council White Papers
 Tactical Cyber Intelligence (12/17/2015) 

Since 2013, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Cyber Intelligence Task Force has presented foundational thinking and approaches to the discipline, paying particular attention to how cyber intelligence functions at the strategic an...

 Cyber Intelligence: Preparing Today's Talents for Tomorrow's Threats (9/9/2015) 

Though essential to an organization’s cyber activities, cyber intelligence as a professional discipline is relatively emergent, particularly its unique tradecraft – a blend of technical knowledge (e.g., network operations, communications, and perhaps...

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Cyber Council Events
 The Cyber Intelligence Discussion Series (10/1/2015) 

The Cyber Intelligence Discussion Series, co-hosted by The Institute of World Politics (IWP) and the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA), will examine the emergent discipline of cyber intelligence as an integral component of organizati...

 2015 Intelligence and National Security Summit (9/9/2015) 

On September 9 - 10 INSA and AFCEA co-hosted the Intelligence & National Security Summit. The two-day event brought together thought leaders from the public, private and academic sectors to encourage a strategic dialogue about the issues of intellige...

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Cyber Council Updates
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