INSA Leadership

INSA’s leadership combines the experience of senior leaders from government, the private sector, and academia. This unique venue for collaboration by leaders from throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community allows INSA to identify research areas and propose solutions that resonate across the public and private sectors.

Ambassador John Negroponte
  Ambassador Joseph R. DeTrani
  The The Honorable Charles E. Allen   Ambassador Robert Joseph

John Negroponte

INSA Chairman of the Board

The Honorable
Charles E. Allen

INSA Senior
Intelligence Advisor

Robert Joseph

INSA Senior National
Security Advisor

Dave White   Chuck Alsup
  Suzanne Wilson-Houck
David White
Senior Policy Advisor
and Resident Fellow
Chuck Alsup
INSA Vice President of Policy
Suzanne Wilson-Houck
INSA Vice President
of Business Development