Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides the substantive nucleus of INSA's activities. The Executive Committee consists of a select group of individuals representing the private sector and academia, and who have served at senior levels inside and outside of government. The Executive Committee includes former senior government officials and senior private sector or industry leaders, all with extensive intelligence backgrounds.

The breadth of experience among the former government officials includes service with the National Security Council, National Intelligence Council, Office of the Director of Central Intelligence, Department of State, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the WMD Commission, the intelligence studies departments of four major universities, and in the positions of Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Intelligence), Assistant Director of Central Intelligence, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and J-2 of the Pacific Command. Collectively, these individuals have had real-world experience in every national intelligence agency, and now serve as senior representatives for industry, the private sector, and academia.

The Executive Committee serves as the main planning and execution element for our activities.

Dana Barnes
  Jeff Brown   Tony Cothron    
Dana Barnes
General Manager,
National Security Group,
Jeff Brown
General Manager,
Intelligence Systems Group,
Electronic & Information
Solutions, Boeing
Tony Cothron
Vice President, Customer
Requirements, General
Dynamics - IT
Greg Dixon
Senior Vice President,
Advanced Cyber
Operations Sector,

Brett Dody
  Steve Fehr   Frank Garcia
  Gina Genton
Brett Dody
Senior Vice President,
Intelligence Systems Group,
Steve Fehr
Senior Vice President
Corporate Strategy &
Strategic Programs,
SAP National Security
Frank W. Garcia, Jr.
Via Stella, LLC
Gina Genton
Vice President, Space
& Intelligence,

Michael King
  Mitch Lawrence      
Michael King
Vice President, Business
Development, Cyber &
Intelligence Mission
Northrop Grumman
Mitch Lawrence
Vice President, Security
& Counterintelligence,
Ken Levinrad
Director, Business
Development Analysis,
Adam Lurie
Predictive Analysis,

Joe Mazzafro   Cherreka Montgomery       Todd Rosenblum
Joe Mazzafro
Director for Customer
Outreach, CSRA Defense
Intelligence, CSRA
Cherreka Montgomery
P1 Strategies, Inc.
John Nichols
Potomac Advocates
Todd Rosenblum
Senior Executive for
National Programs & Strategy,

Tony Spadaro   Gary Testut   Yvonne Vervaet   Howard Weitzner
Tony Spadaro
Spadaro & Associates
Gary Testut
Director, Government
BAE Systems
Yvonne Vervaet
Senior Vice President,
Business Development,
Howard Weitzner
Managing Director,